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Feng Shui Room

Feng Shui : Feng Shui shows us how to order our lives, live in harmony with ourselves, each other and the natural world.

It is extremely difficult in this case to recreate a design that applies all the rules of Feng Shui due to the fact that as an existing building functioning as a guest house which will be habiting numerous guests also with The underlining technical factors that cannot be altered there are many aspects which contradict with the Feng Shui concept and characteristics that rely on personal information.

Therefore the aim is to incorporate some of the main Feng Shui elements and ideas that can be applied in order to create a soft dreamy visual effect in conjunction with aspects that create well being and relaxation in order to create a restful place to stay.

The Five Feng Shui elements have been incorporated in order to work towards this such as:

Wood, which symbolizes spring, growth and plant life, associations that could be incorporated within this room are plants, wooden furniture, paper, landscape pictures and the colour green.

Fire, which symbolizes summer, fire and heat. Associations that could be incorporated within this room are candles, lights and lamps, man-made materials and the colour red.

Earth, which symbolizes the nurturing environment that enables seeds to grow. Associations that could be incorporated within this room are terracotta and stone and the colour brown.

Metal, which symbolizes Autumn and strength. Its nature represents solidity and the ability to contain objects. Associations that could be incorporated within this room are metal objects and the colour white.

Water symbolizes winter and water itself, gentle rain or a storm. It suggests the inner self, art and beauty. Associations that could be included within this interior are Mirrors and glass, the colour blue, Meandering patterns and water pictures

A balance of these five elements to create harmony is essential.

Feng Shui Room
Feng Shui Room
Feng Shui Room
Feng Shui Room


More About This Room

A twin bedded room on the first floor with en-suite facilities containing a separate shower cubicle, wash hand basin and toilet.

This room can be used as a family room with the addition of one or two extra beds.

All rooms are decorated to a very high specification and furnished with flat screen colour televisions, writing table (except English Country), central heating, hair-dryers and bathrobes for your use. The rooms have a hospitality tray and if you prefer fresh milk it is available in the cooler in the guests lounge. Freshly ground coffee is also available in the dining room from our ‘Tudor’ coffee machine for a nominal charge of £1.00.

We have an electronic card access system and your card will gain entry to the main entrance door, external access door to bedrooms and bedroom door. The card also operates the key switch in each bedroom by inserting into the slot.

Enjoy our full English breakfast including our own organic free-range eggs, laid by the chickens, which can be seen in the field at the rear of the guesthouse.